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What is thinkFOSS 2.0?

ThinkFOSS 2.0 is a platform for open source contributors and enthusiasts to meet up, share their knowledge, contribute, learn, play, and most importantly have fun. It is organized to promote the use of free and open source software and technologies. It is the perfect arena for collaboration and exchange of ideas, skills, thoughts among like minded people who are passionate about open source.

Advantages of thinkFOSS 2.0

Our students will get more exposure to open source and also our students will get quality mentors. Each event we conducted in the past left a great impression on the speakers about our FOSS club and our college. This is yet another opportunity. The FOSSTER’09 was a national event, held in the year 2009 that attracted participants and speakers from all over the country.

Our Focus - Code Contribution

ThinkFOSS'16 focus strictly on code contribution to projects, and would be a good experience for anyone who wants to give something back to the programs they use. Tracks will be divided into ‘Contribution Drives’, ‘Installation fests’, ‘Talks and Workshops’ and ‘Hackathons’. The events will run in parallel, so that participants can attend events that interests him/her. Code contribution is something that is decreasing in India as of now, and being a technical community here at Amrita, it is our duty to make sure we do our part for the code. This can be greater addition to the resume of the participants, and something everlasting - rather than the usual attending talks concept.


Tony Thomas,
Gokul Krishna,


January 08, 2016 — 9:00 am to
January 10, 2016 — 6:00 pm

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Amrita University
Clappana P.O
Kollam, Kerala